Le Studium Conference

’Self-managed Cohousing: born out of need, or new ways of life?“
Tours, France,
March 12-13, 2012
conference program

presentation and conference participationla conference

Session 4:
implementation: strategies and planning

„Co-housing projects are very closely attached to their immediate context. One could say, they reflect what is currently missing the most within the prevailing housing sector. As such, they can be regarded as mirrors of current socioligical
and typological demands. However in order to draw conclusions from them, they need to be judged on verifiable parameters due to their regional focus and participatory approach. It is the aim of this presentation to examine modes of realisation that can lead to a continued series of such projects, respectably within and out of their very specific
context. Therefore three projects will be observed by looking at the role of the initiators and their motivation, the quality of participation, the typological realisation and lastly – or perhaps most importantly – the frame of financing chosen.“


full abstract (scroll down…)


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