Lecture at the „WhatCity?“ Conference, Bratislava


May 6th 2015
Stara Trznica, Bratislava, Slovakia

Lecture as pdf

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What is „WhatCity?“

„WhatCity?“ is a frame for mini-conferences and workshops, dealing with various urban themes. It started with the first event in May 2014 (with guests from Berlin: Chrisotph Mayer, Florian Koehl, Katharina Hagg and Bernd Maier), focusing on new urban strategies.

It is organized by some great people from Punkt, an NGO, which is also behind the famous „Dobry trh“ (Good market, http://www.dobrytrh.sk), Aliancia Stara Trznica – a kind of co-operate built by a group of NGOs and indivuduals, who make a huge effort to enlive an old markethall in the city center of Bratislava (www.staratrznica.sk), with the Goethe Institute.

Although something like co-housing does not exist here at all, we think the situation is becomming „ripe“ for that already, and the time has come to explore theese modells in our environment.

Since the major changes in the slovak housing structure in the early 90s, more then 90% of housing stock is in ownership/owner occupied, 3% is private rental, 3% only is public rental (owned by municipalities) and thin 3% remained from the, once siginficantly larger, co-op housing stock. This shows that the potential for enlarging the share of more collective forms of housing is here. There are some weak efforts on the govenrment level, but mostly focused on  enlarging the public rental stock, not much concerned about co-operate sector (wohnbaugenossenschaften) and not at all about co-housing (baugemeinschaften). In addition, there can be seen a rise of new localism and communitarism among younger generation of Bratislava´s citizens (urban gardening projects, neighbourhood activism, public space regeneration activities, a renwed interest of young families in city-living…).


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