Lines, Points, Fields

Europan 12, Graz

mit Christina Lenart und Michi Klein

lines, points, fields
An Integrative Cooperative Housing Model

The city can be envisioned as a field of circulation: of persons, things, commodities or forces. Architecture, then, might be considered as one play of negotiation between those forces. A set of walls, borders, boundaries and fences; of openings, thresholds, gaps and holes: It is lines of barrier and movement, surfaces of transition, that bring together, separate and juxtapose.
This is a project for the city as a collective endeavour. Where some people move and others stay, where people live, work, rest and pass through. It is a hybrid wall to walk through on one side, formed by residential living, office spaces and semi-public programs, juxtaposed by residential points with studios on the other. A strong social focus based on the multiple use of spaces, sharing and self-management that trigger spontaneous relations in various degrees of intensity builds this catalys for the local environment.



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