1UP – Europan 14, Graz

Europan 14, „Productive Cities“, Kärntner Strasse, Graz 2017


As the path to go for Kärntner Strasse we propose fruitful cooperation instead of gruelling individual competition. Clustering is the key on an urban scale, with complementing typologies.

Four animals of different catchment areas help us: The smallest are the mice, single-business units. They can be combined with the others. The elephants refer to the bigger commercial entities already to be found. They shall be complemented and assembled in herds, like elephants do. Amidst them stand the giraffes, proudly overlooking the scenery and triggering synergies among the other animals. Snails are the domestic ones – they complement Kärntner Strasse as a mixed-use boulevard and therefore also introduce housing.

On a programmatic scale, we use hybrids, also proposing housing as a key factor for the future development of this street. The heart of the process is an incentive system which favours cooperation through granting 1UPs whenever a certain milestone is reached. 1UP for Kärntner Strasse!

Kärntner Strasse already shows signs of clustering: Programmes such as Trade and Motor-related commerce dominantes .

Kärntner Strasse seeks out to become a unique mixed-use-business community, attractive as a local, regional and super-regional destination. The clusters aim to encompass as many elephants as possible to form representative and unique clusters. Commercial units in clusters benefit from an increase in popularity through the increase in quantity and enable the sharing of facilities such as offices, storage or parking thus reducing individual cost, individual traffic and overall space.


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